47: Wild Dreams of New Beginnings

Reverend Billy Radio

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021 - 29 minutes

There’s a massive counter-intuitive job up ahead, a gift from the Earth that we can’t refuse. The extinction is a mysterious process of death and life, and it is not a product. It is not culture-friendly, not in consumer society. We have never believed that the Earth can produce stories, but we must step into the story of The Sixth Extinction. We need to like the story-line and join up. Since the industrial revolution, especially in its Silicon Valley form, we haven’t known how to communicate with to the Earth. We are in danger of reducing modern civilization to a lonely masturbation, with special effects offering us vivid delusions. But the Earth runs things now. Its version of reality is sweeping all before it. Believe the science and believe your own eyes. Follow that up with a good, wild dream. ----

The director of the Church of Stop Shopping is Savitri D in New York.

The Fiery Eagles of Justice are Brendan Burke (drums) & Jason Candler (sax).

Produced by Reverend Billy & Jason Candler.

This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts.

Thanks to Neil Young and community for inclusion in the Times-Contrarian.

Reverend Billy is William Talen.


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