17 Revisited: Extinction and the Urban Hipster

Reverend Billy Radio

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 - 29 minutes

Extinction is either believed to be fake science by the financial classes in the US, or it is their business plan. With the rise of trillionaire Jeff Bezos, the capitalist project in this country is taking the dumping of waste into the atmosphere to a new level of planet-heating recklessness. I use the "urban hipster" as my example of the self-erotics of consumption, but of course enablers of the mass killing now accelerating have many styles. We find hope for survival in the social movements Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock. ----

The director of the Church of Stop Shopping is Savitri D in New York.

The Fiery Eagles of Justice are Brendan Burke (drums) & Jason Candler (sax).

Produced by Reverend Billy & Jason Candler.

This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts.

Thanks to Neil Young and community for inclusion in the Times-Contrarian.

Reverend Billy is William Talen.


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